MY WEST AFRICA INTIMATE ESCAPE: Where Culture meets Adventure

We transform lives by bringing people together



We bring communities together to promote economic opportunity through relationships and learning. When not hosting international guests we host educational programs to support business, health, agriculture, education, arts, and more across the region. You are a vital part of our story, as your stay with us makes possible the bringing together of entrepreneurs, teachers, leaders, inventors, builders, artists, and artisans, young and old, seeking to transform their lives and their communities.


Storied Beginnings of this Adventure

"Born in a remote fishing village in Ghana, I was sent away to the city before I turned six, carrying my parents' hope for a better future. I struggled on the streets to survive, but seizing every opportunity that passed my way, I was determined to use education to lift up myself, my family, and my country. After becoming the first in my family to graduate from high school, I aspired to go to college. When my student visa to study business and sustainability at a US college was denied, I decided if I cannot learn on a college campus from diverse classmates, I must bring diverse classmates to my community so we can learn from each other about our world. With funds and mentors from the US, Canada, and Ghana, I learned on-the-job by constructing a sustainable home to host you and guests from around the globe. Working closely with my mentor, Ben Schwartz, Dartmouth '06, MIT Sloan '17, & Harvard Kennedy School '17,  we established this West African intimate escape based on more than a decade of experience hosting students and alums from Dartmouth, MIT, and Harvard. 

I dream of one day graduating from college, though today I am eager to meet you, learn alongside you, and make you an honorary member of our community in these awe-inspiring surroundings."

- Your Host, Charles Goli (sitting in front in red shirt and blue jeans)


sustaining nature and community

Our home and activities are designed for social impact in the community and limited impact on the environment. Enjoy home-cooked fusion dishes with ingredients from local farms. Sit in our grand hall under timbers locally harvested with our neighbors. Discover a favorite African author as you read a book from our library under solar-powered lights.

Our construction workers from the nearby towns learned new skills on the job and earned wages to help them develop themselves and start new businesses. Through your escape with us we want you to develop personally as we develop our community.

Want to share your Skills?

We welcome guests interested in sharing special skills such as hospitality, entrepreneurship, sustainability, agriculture, school leadership, engineering, banking and micro-finance, or expertise in trades like carpentry, masonry, or electrical work, to spend time with interested community members. We cannot guarantee these knowledge-sharing meetings, but we truly believe that through relationships across cultures we can have a positive impact on our communities. Email us at with details of your skills.