MY WEST AFRICA INTIMATE ESCAPE: Where Culture meets Adventure

Your journey begins with our family

Escape to West Africa for 8 days as a guest in our home in the Volta Region of Ghana on the border with Togo. Forge friendships in the company of fellow students and alumni from top schools. Immerse yourself in the cultures, history, economy and natural splendor of this region rich in resources, culture, and possibility. 

Unlike traditional tours of Africa, this intimate escape is built on personal relationships and authentic experiences. Join our family as we take you off the beaten track for deeper explorations as you witness the region's inspiring people, opportunities, and landscapes - not as part of a typical tour, but as part of our community.

enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences

We believe your journey is richer through authentic interactions, not a pre-packaged tour. We don't have a fixed itinerary, rather we facilitate relationships that will give you a true taste of life in the region as you enjoy experiences such as:

  • Hiking across the border into a different country
  • Creating local crafts taught by local artisans
  • Bearing witness to the horrors of the history of Ghana's slave castles
  • Dining with African business and community leaders
  • Dancing and drumming with West African musicians
  • Feeling the power of West Africa's tallest waterfall at Wli
  • Harvesting, cooking, and feasting upon local delicacies
  • Experiencing the traditional stories of the local people around our campfire
  • Discovering the colors, aromas, and sounds of the local markets
  • Rejuvenating among new friends while enjoying local snacks and drinks

Immersed in West African Life


Choose your own adventure

How your Escape may unfold

Every day you'll enjoy special experiences even though we don't have a preset itinerary. You will start the day with breakfast prepared from the freshest ingredients harvested by our neighbors. After breakfast we'll embark on an adventure together and in the afternoon you'll get to choose whether you wish to relax on a hammock in our gardens, sit by the waterfall, or choose another adventure with one of our local guides.  

Life in West Africa cannot be captured in a fixed itinerary, but we know it's important you have a sense of what you might experience as part of your escape. Here's a taste of what you can enjoy:

Friday Night: Fly into Accra and experience the capital's nightlife

Saturday: Travel to Cape Coast, tour the slave fort, and walk through the rain forest canopy 100 feet in the air

Sunday: Take in the sights, sounds, and smells of Accra's neighborhoods, learn about the nation's founding father at the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial, enjoy lunch in the capital, and spend the night along the Volta River

Monday: Canoe along the Volta River and learn to weave fishing traps in a local village. Visit Tafi Atome as you feed the mona monkeys in the sanctuary. Arrive at our home in Wli for dinner as the sun sets and sit under the stars around the campfire enjoying the tales of a local storyteller

Tuesday: Hike to the upper falls and then into Togo where you'll learn to prepare a traditional dish for lunch with a local family before returning to our home to relax or choose your own afternoon adventure such as exploring the nearby towns or city or practicing pottery with local guides

Wednesday: Drum and dance with community members in the morning and select your own afternoon agenda whether at our home or with a community guide for activities like caving or learning about local medicinal herbs

Thursday: Spend the morning learning a craft like soap making with a local artisan and embark on your own experience after lunch, whether at our home or in the community

Friday: Farm with a local expert during the cool morning and harvest cassava, plantain, cocoa, brown rice, or more. Make a local snack with what you bring from the farm and enjoy the rest of the day as you please, with the opportunity to teach crafts to local students

Saturday: Depart our quiet village and enjoy lunch along the Volta River followed by a tour of Akosombo Dam, a symbol of Ghana's development and history. We'll return to Accra for a farewell dinner and your chance to share your reflections before you return to the airport

You'll focus on knowing our community and we'll take care of all your activities, food, and accommodations on the ground here. When at our home, you'll stay in one of our two-person bedrooms and enjoy freshly prepared breakfasts, lunches, and dinners around our dining table, followed by drinks and conversations in the evenings.

"A life highlight"

- MIT Sloan '16

culture dance.jpeg

We all need to escape sometimes, just say when

Reserve your place early to get the best price and ensure your date works with your schedule. We only offer this experience in spring and summer so we have time to offer educational programs for the local community the rest of the year.

We want to make West Africa accessible to you. Our price covers all your on-the-ground expenses: accommodation (two guests per room), food, drink (including options such as local beer, palm wine and tropical mixed drinks), activities, ground transportation, and everything you'll need from the moment you arrive at the airport to the moment your escape ends in Accra. You'll be a special guest in our sustainable home (designed to stay cool without AC) and the nights while we explore other parts of the region we have your accommodations covered. We want you to forget your worries and focus not on on funds but fun.

We'll handle the hard work. You take care of your flight, visa, and getting the mandatory yellow fever vaccine, travel insurance, and any other travel medicine your doctor recommends. We'll get you the details you need for your flights, visa, and packing.

We want you to join us with fresh eyes, an open mind, and no expectations or preconceived notions of "Africa" so you return home with your own authentic stories of the region's peoples, cultures, and opportunities.