MY WEST AFRICA INTIMATE ESCAPE: Where Culture meets Adventure

What is my host's experience leading these experience?
You will be hosted by Charles Goli, a Ghanaian from the Volta Region, where you will spend most of your time. He has worked with students and alumni from MIT, Harvard, and Dartmouth for over a decade.

Some trips you will be joined by Ben Schwartz, an MIT Sloan MBA '17, Harvard Kennedy School MPA '17, and Dartmouth '06. He serves as Charles's mentor on this project and has run cross-cultural education programs in Ghana since 2005.

How do you take care of my safety?
Let your worries fade away when you're with us. Ghana is known as a safe country and you should use the same thoughtfulness as you do when traveling to any new place. Where you will be staying for most of your escape is safer than many towns in the US because it is such a close knit community which hosts visitors to the waterfall regularly. Everywhere else we visit is quite safe and hosts tourists regularly.

Guests who use common sense and show respect for the local community are unlikely to face any safety issues.

How is this more meaningful than a safari?
While you are almost guaranteed to see incredible animals during your stay, from armadillos, baboons, monkeys, butterflies, and tropical birds, to even big cats in the surrounding area, your intimate escape is more than a safari. It's an authentically immersive experience of the cultural richness and natural splendor around you.

Every day you will be an integral participant in activities in the community, and not simply toured around searching for wildlife.

What health precautions are in place?
Our staff work to provide a clean and healthy living environment and our cook takes healthy meals and food preparation very seriously. The biggest risk international travelers face in the region is road safety, which our team strives to ensure vehicles and drivers are well prepared to keep you safe.

You should consult your doctor about your personal travel health assessment. To enter the country you will need a Yellow Fever vaccination. Many guests take preventative medicine for malaria, which is readily treatable, especially in the region where medical staff are familiar with it. We have designed our home to keep out mosquitoes and your bed will have a mosquito net for you to sleep under. We have relationships with top doctors and health facilities in Ghana in case issues arise.

What happens to my deposit if plans change?
Deposits are non-refundable but we will gladly apply your deposit to a future trip if your schedule changes. If we do not have enough people to run the escape, we will transfer your deposit to any available date of your choice.  

Once I've paid my deposit, what's next?

Book your flight when you're ready. We only require that you arrive Friday night local time so you're rested and ready to set off of on your adventure Saturday morning. Once you have your tickets, please share your details with us so we can provide the necessary letter of invitation for your Ghana visa.

What visas do I need?

You only need a Ghana visa, which is required to board your flight to Accra. We will provide you with the details to complete your Ghana visa application once you email us your flight and passport details so we can prepare your letter of invitation.

You do not need to get a Togo visa before your trip.

What should I pack?

  • Comfortable clothes to be active for 8 days with summer days up to the mid 80s and summer nights in the low 70s (spring days get into the 90s, with nights in the 70s)
  • Rain coat
  • Comfortable shoes for lots of walking
  • Hiking boots with good grip
  • Clothes for hiking through trees and grass (we can make you a hiking stick if you need)
  • Extra clothes (especially socks) as you will get wet at the waterfall and possibly also during other activities
  • Toiletries (we will provide bath towels and soap)
  • Any medications you require
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Insect repellent (if you normally use it when outdoors)
  • A good book to read (or share)

You are welcome to bring a camera, though we hope you'll be fully immersed in the experience rather than focused on capturing fleeting moments for later. We encourage you to bring a journal to better reflect on the experience. Bring your cell phone for emergencies, but we cannot promise good internet in the area. We discourage you from bringing laptops or additional electronics in hopes you can disconnect from technology (and not be constantly thinking about them) and reconnect with community.

How else can I prepare?

For now, get excited and learn more about the region you will be visiting!

Once you're packed and have everything in order, set aside all your expectations and be ready to be inspired by the scenes that surround you, a way of life that will teach you about living, and the new friends you'll make from West Africa and beyond.

How do I ask about other questions or concerns?
Email our team at

We're here to help people like you have an amazing experience in West Africa.